Liquipel- Your smartphone can remain smart, even underwater


Hear ye hear ye… I came across this technology that truly blew my mind. Its called Liquipel, a water repellent nanotechnology which is determined to shield your smartphone from water damage.

I have seen more than one instance of an iPhone accidentally getting dunked in a pool or the sink and then the red light of death pops up and it forebodes doom for the poor phone. Moreover, there’s no other way to correct it than spend some big bucks and buy a new phone.

Not anymore.. At least this is what the folks at Liquipel say.

Make sure to watch the science behind the brand and the supercool video demo of the product.

What’s exciting is that Liquipel is not an external, bulky case that makes you feel like you’re operating a rubber toy, but its a protection for the phone that gets blended into the surface of the phone. A win-win situation there.

Now, a slight downside would be that you would have to part with your dear phone for a couple of days in order to ship your baby to the Liquipel office so they can shield it. Time to bring out the old Nokia 1100 šŸ™‚

Its not very expensive either considering the fact that you’ve already spent a couple of hundreds on your smartphone. Prices start from $59.

So, next time you’re at a birthday party at midnight and your friends have conspired against you and made a slick plan to dunk you in water, do not be afraid of your phone dying out on you. Liquipel is here.

If only, someone would give me an iPhone 4S so I could test this awesome technology!! Sigh…


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