Silent abuse

Something that I feel deeply about— Abuse that women go through.. Physical, emotional or sexual. We need to stop being in denial and accept that women are being mistreated. And we need to take control.

There is nothing wrong in accepting that one has been a victim of abuse. But there is everything wrong in not doing anything about it. The poem below is a shout out for all the women who believe in themselves and the endless power they can have once they have confidence in themselves.


See not the blues of yesterday,

Fear not the hues of today.

There shall be a path, leading

From here to where you are heading.


Seek the truth, within yourself.

No blame upon him, none upon yourself.

Actions cause problems, yet

They cause solutions, you bet.


Look at your eye, beaten black and blue,

No shimmer left, no fresh dew.

Just bitter stains of misery and pain

You have endured, time and again.


The words have stung, your heart and soul,

Clutching at your life, carving an endless hole.

Scraping the shards of decency and shame,

You bow your head, fearing a black name.


Fear not the ghosts of today

See not the unreal monster, far away,

You are your charioteer, you are your reins,

You will triumph, till justice runs in your veins.


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